Welcome to have the ATC feedback 


ATC Feedback Form

Welcome to have the ATC feedback 

What do you benefit most from ATC?
A Improved skills
B Changed mindset
C Interaction with entrepreneurs
D Friendship
Which part of ATC do you think is the most helpful?
A Training
B Staged Test
C ATC Talk
D Others
Which part of award do you think is the most attractive?
A Monetary award
B Contract
C Studying in China
D Acquiring skills itself
E Others
Which group do you think is sponsoring this training?
A MoEST or some other government department
B Chinese Government
D Schools
If possible, would you choose the current major again?
A Yes
B No (if not, I would choose)
Are there any similar equipments from China in your school ?
A Yes (If yes, which type?)
B No
What’s the employment situation of your school?
A Great, graduates are very competitive
B Good, the employment rate is satisfying
C Not good, it's hard to hunt the job
What's your plan after graduation?
A Find a good job, be an engineer
B Start up a major-related company
C Do some other business not related to the current major
If you have an option to work in the following company, you will choose:
A Kenyan Company
B Chinese Company
C Either Kenyan or Chinese
How do you think Chinese companies?(Multiple Choice)
A Friendly
B Not-friendly
C Professional
D Not-professional
E No idea
What will attract you to join in Chinese Company? (Multiple Choice)
A High-tech, good equipment
B Professional
C Good employment relationship
D International platform
E High Salary
F Others
What makes you don't want to join Chinese Company? (Multiple Choice)
A Technology, equipment not as advance as western company
B Not professional
C Bad employment relationship
D Low salary
E Others
One sentence that you would like to say to ATC:
Any suggestions on ATC? (Teaching Methods /Curricular Arrangement /Others)
Which field of training do you expect most in the near future?
Which type of training do you think is the most required in your school?
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