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Q3:Organizational legitimacy in social science is ‘given’ to an organization when its actions are perceived as desired and appropriate to existing norms, value and beliefs of a social system. Organizational legitimacy matters because it can: Select all that applies 当组织(公司)的行为被认为是合乎需要的并且适合于社会系统现有的规范、价值观和信仰时,社会科学中的组织合法性就被“赋予”给了组织。 组织合法性很重要,因为它可以:
A.Reduce stakeholder pressure 减少利益相关者的压力
B.Increase stakeholder pressure 增加利益相关者的压力
C.Increase transaction costs 增加交易成本
D.Reduce transaction costs 降低交易成本
Q4:Why is it no longer possible to buy a 3 litre Coca-Cola bottle when watching a movie in the cinema in New York? Select all that applies为什么在纽约的电影院里已经买不到3升(大包装)的可口可乐了?
A.It has become too expensive to produce and distribute 生产和分销成本太高
B.Shifting boundaries between responsibilities and laws 模糊了社会责任与法律之间的界限
C.Blame for the problem with obesity (overeating and lack of exercise) has shifted from individuals (overeating, lack of exercise) to “environmental” causes, including corporate marketing. 肥胖问题(暴饮暴食和缺乏运动)的责任已经从个人原因(暴饮暴食,缺乏运动)转移到“环境”原因,包括企业营销。
D.Stakeholders (especially consumers) increasingly expectations of smaller plastic packages 利益相关者(尤其是消费者)对更小的塑料包装的期望越来越高
Q5:Sustainable corporate governance in the business context refers to: Select all that applies 商业环境中的可持续公司管理是指:
A.the systems of rules, practices, and processes by which companies are governed, such as practices for inclusion and diversity 公司规则、实践和流程系统的管理,例如包容性和多样性实践
B.describes the steering mechanisms that corporations use to generate and oversee corporate decisions that meet the expectations of the constituencies of the corporation 公司用来管理和监督决策的机制是符合客户需求的指导机制
C.best practices of greenwashing shared between portfolio companies to make sure they are maximizing profit along with shareholders expectations 投资公司之间共同的漂绿最佳实践(漂绿:通常被用在描述一家公司或单位投入可观的金钱或时间在以环保为名的形象广告上,而非将资源投注在实际的环保实务中),以确保他们在实现股东期望的同时实现利润最大化。
D.the act of a corporation promoting the welfare of others, generally through charitable donations of funds or time, such as a food bank to help needy families in your community or donating toys to the Toys for Tots toy drive to provide Christmas presents to needy children. 公司做慈善的行为,通常通过慈善捐赠资金或花费时间在慈善上,例如建立食品银行,帮助您社区中的贫困家庭,或向 Tots for Tots 捐赠玩具,向有需要的孩子们(但其父母无经济能力购买玩具)提供圣诞礼物。
Q6:The ongoing acceptance of a company or industrys standard business practices and operating procedures by its employees, stakeholders, and the general public can be referred to: Select all that applies 公司或行业的员工、利益相关者和公众对公司或行业标准,商业行为和操作程序的持续性接受体现在哪些方面:
A.Business licence 营业执照
B.Shutdown and blockades 关闭和封锁
C.Companies seen as a good neighbour 被视为好邻居的公司
D.Social licence 社会许可(社会许可是指:企业与当地社区共同参与项目实施全过程中重大问题的决策,并就项目开发所涉及的相关问题达成一致意见,最终由当地社区赋予或确认企业从事项目开发的社会资格或社会权利的一种社会行为。)
Q7:The idea of responsible capitalism is: Select all that applies. 负责任的资本主义理念是:
A.The business of business is business 生意就是生意
B.where businesses are driven not just by profits, but by purpose, values, and ethics. 企业不仅受利润驱动,还受目的、价值观和道德驱动。
C.An outdated approach to value creation with focus on optimizing short-term financial performance 一种过时的价值创造方法,侧重于优化短期财务业绩
D.that good management should be based on relationships with all stakeholders: including employees, customers, suppliers and communities. 良好的管理应基于与所有利益相关者的关系:包括员工、客户、供应商和社区。
Q8:What are three steps to creating the right balance between risk and return? Select all that applies. 在风险和回报之间建立适当平衡的三个步骤是什么?
A. Diversify your Portfolio 多样化您的投资组合
B.Review your investments 审查您的投资
C.Align your portfolios with your values 使您的投资组合与您的价值观保持一致
D.Stay invested for the long-term 长期投资
Q9:The following are accepted approaches to sustainable investing. Select all that applies 以下哪个是公认的可持续投资方法:
A.Conduct negative screening for values alignment. 对价值观的一致性进行负面筛选。
B.Invest with a thematic focus on an area like climate change, diversity or water. 以气候变化、多样性或水等领域的主题为重点进行投资。
C.Employ a broad range of methods based on ability to generate revenue 根据创收能力采用广泛的方法
D.Integrate ESG factors into the investment process for risk mitigation. 将 ESG (环境,社会和公司治理标准)纳入投资流程以缓解风险。
Q10:Investor AB’s portfolio companies are: Select all that applies Investor 以下哪些是瑞典银瑞达集团(Investor AB)投资的公司
A.Electrolux, Atlas Copco, ABB 伊莱克斯、阿特拉斯·科普柯、ABB
B.Ericson, Huawei, I-Phone 爱立信、华为、I-Phone
C.SEB, Saab, Ferrari 瑞典北欧斯安银行、萨博、法拉利
D.Husqvarna, Wärtsilä, Astra Zenica 富世华、瓦锡兰、阿斯利康制药
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