The Questionnaire of The 2nd Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference  2020

Thank you for taking your time to answer this question. Let's get started.
*1. Have you joined any online conference held by other networks? How about it?
*2. Among all the online conferences you’ve attended, which one is your favorite and what’s the reason?
*3. What are the problems while using the conference system? (Support multiple choices)
System freeze
Browser incompatible
Complex system
Message notice not obvious
can't use mobile phone
*4. Do you have any suggestions if your one to one meeting partner didn’t show?
*5. Except for the one to one meetings, where do you usually meet new partners?
*6. Will you consider to attend JCtrans next online conference?
*7. How often do you think it’s suitable for you to attend the online conference?
*8. How long do you think it’s suitable for online conference?
*9. If your partner does not come to the appointment on time, do you mind temporarily matching another agent to negotiate with you?
*10. Does the on-demand appointment solve your needs for matching negotiation partners at any time?