Investigation on Need of E-learning Course for Pinyin

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*1. If you want to receive a postcardfrom Beijing, China, please leave your contact information and address here,and we will send one to you.smiley

*2. Information


Howlong have you learntChinese

*3. What method did you use to learn Pinyin initially?

Chinese lessons
Online courses
By App (mobile phone software)
Tapes, books, and CDs in Chinese
Have not learnt systematically

*4. What is the most difficult for you when youlearn Pinyin? 

*5. If there is a set of online courses for Chinese Pinyin, where do you prefer to learn it?

mobile phone software

*6. If there is a set of online courses for Chinese Pinyin, what features do you think are most important to you? (Multiple choices) 

Watch videos and listen to teachers' interpretations
Listen to pronunciation
Exercises related to Pinyin
Games related to Pinyin
Learn simple Chinese
Learn Chinese culture
Beautiful user-interactive site

*7. Would you like to pay for online Chinese Pinyin courses? 

*8. If there is a set of online courses for Chinese Pinyin, how much do you think is the right price?

(Please indicate CurrencyUnit)  

9. Do you have a frequently used App to learn Chinese? 

Yes, such as
Not use frequently, because

*10. What is your favorite APP? (whatevertype) 

*11. Could you recommend a favorite Chinese website ?