Registration Form for HWID2021

Dear Participants of HWID2021,

In extensive consultation with the organizing comittee of HWID, it was decided that it is best to hold a mixed HWID2021, given the uncertainty of pandemic situtation. 

We are happy to announce that all attendees of online conference will be exempted from registration fee. To facilitate the conference management and preparation, we kindly invited all attendees, regardless of remote or in-person, to register your information and preference. Please pay your registration fee at the conference registration desk for those who will attend HWID2021 in person.

You can register as an IFIP member, if you are active in IFIP Technical Committees or in one of the IFIP member societies (follow the national society URL to find the local member societies). Please state your country and society/TC on the registration form, and prepare to show evidence on the membership at the conference registration desk.
4.Please state your country/region*
5.IFIP membership (Please prepare to show evidence on the membership at the conference registration desk if you will attend the conference in person)*
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11.My email address and postal mailing address may be made available to sponsors and exhibitors. NOTE: Saying “Yes" makes it possible for our sponsors and exhibitors to reach out to invite you to social events, provide information about recruiting and internship opportunities, and inform you about product demonstrations and other special opportunities such as special discounts on publications.*
12.Recordings of sessions, chats, questions, and answers will be captured and made available for later viewing. By registering for this event, you are granting permission to record your comments and questions during sessions. Please note: You cannot register for this event unless you give consent.*
13.Any suggestions or requirements for HWID2021*
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