International Stream Application Form 国际融合转学申请表(1st semester 2023-2024)

1.This form is only used for primary/secondary students application request of international stream.此表仅适用报考国际融合课程的中小学生

2.Please pay attention to this form is only available and valid for students who have got Shanghai or National students ID.填表时注意,申请人必须已经持有上海或外地中小学学籍

3.Interview will only be provided at appropriate time upon the vacancies and the requested finally, please wait to see the Email confirmation from admissions office.最终视名额统计结果,及其他情况择时安排面试,安排以招生部邮件通知为准

ps 注:The admission work will be carried out in accordance with the request of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.转学相关要求以浦东招考中心的转学政策为准,请悉知。

Application Information 申请人信息

*1. Requested Trasnfer Time 转入时间
*2. Grade to be Enrolled in 转入年级
*3. Whether the applicant ever applied SUIS PUDONG?是否曾报过名?
*4. Passport Name (English / pinyin) 护照姓名拼音
*5. Chinese Name 中文姓名 (使用汉字填写)
*6. Preferred English Name 常用英文名
*7. Gender 性别
*8. Date of Birth 出生日期
*9. Nationality: (Check and fill in full) 国籍
*10. Present School (give full name of school) 现在学校全称
*11. Student ID number 学籍号

Family Information 申请人家庭信息

*12. Home Address in Shanghai 常住地址
*13. Mother /Guardian1 母亲姓名
*14. Mobile 手机
*15. Email 邮箱
*16. Company 工作单位
*17. English Speaking and Understanding 英语水平
*18. Father /Guardian2 父亲
*19. Mobile 手机
*20. Email 邮件
*21. Company 工作单位
*22. English Speaking and Understanding 英语水平

Applicant Education Background 申请人学业背景

*23. Upload applicant's recent academic report page(s),with PDF/JPG/PNG version. 上传近期《学业报告》

(Important remind that the photos/homework/exam paper/certficiates are not vaild. 用生活照、作业、试卷、证书奖状替代的,视为材料无效,或影响申请进度)

*24. Native Language 母语
*25. Overall academic ability for primary or secondary education 学业表现
*26. Chinese Proficiency 中文水平
*27. English Proficiency 英语水平
*28. How long he or she has learnt English? 学习英语的经历

Other Information 其他信息

*29. Does applicant have any sibling who is currently attending SUIS Pudong campus international stream? 是否有弟弟妹妹已在我校就读?
*30. When you come Shanghai if you are now out of China? (Please state below) 如现不在上海,何时来上海?
*31. Why you intend to change school?  为何选择转学到我校?
*32. Where did you hear about our school? 通过何种途径了解到我校?
Word of mouth from friend
Employer recommends
Outdoor advertisement
Internet search
Newspaper & Magazines
Marketing compaign