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1. 您的iChinese.school ID(请务必填写正确,我们将根据此发放礼品)
Your iChinese.school ID (must be filled in correctly. We will distribute gifts according to this.)
2. 您的性别是?What is your sex?
3. 您的年龄是?What is your age?
4. 您的职业?What is your career?
5. 请问您的所在国家?What is your country?
6. 您的所在城市?Where is your city?
7. 您是否在学习中文?Are you learning Chinese?
8. 您学习中文多久了?How long have you been learning Chinese?
9. 您是否到过中国?Have you ever been to China?
10. 您学习中文的目的为何?(可复选)What is the purpose of your study of Chinese?
11. 您通过哪些渠道学习中文(可复选) What channels do you use to learn Chinese