2nd China-America Student Conference (ChASC) Delegate Application

Thank you for your interest in the second China-America Student Conference (ChASC), which will take place in San Francisco from July 29th to August 9th, 2022. Please complete and submit the form below to be considered for this year's delegation.
*1. First Name / 名字
*2. Last Name / 姓
*3. Pronouns / 性别代词
*4. Email / 邮箱
*5. Phone Number / 手机

Country Code (国家代码:美国+01/中国+86) + Area Code (具体号码)

*6. I learned about ChASC from / 你是怎么了解到ChASC 的 
*7. I am applying for the / 我申请加入
*8. Education / 学历
University Name / 你在哪所大学学习
Major / 你大学所学专业是

*9. We’d like to learn more about you! Please introduce yourself with a brief biography. 我们想要更多的了解你!请你简单地介绍一下自己。

100-150 words(英文100-150词)

*10. Why are you interested in the 2nd China-America Student Conference? 你想要加入第二届中美学生会议的原因是?

150-250 words(英文150-250词)

*11. What topics are you most interested in discussing during the conference? What topics do you think are the most important to discuss during the conference and why? 有哪些话题是你希望在会议中进行讨论的?有哪些话题是你认为非常需要进行讨论的?请说明你的原因。

300-500 words(英文300-500词)
*12. Please rank the following conference elements in order of preferred priority. 请按照你的个人倾向/兴趣为一下活动排序。
*13. Please upload a copy of your university. transcript 请上传一份你大学开具的成绩单。
Unofficial transcripts may be submitted. 非正式成绩单也可以被提交。
*14. Please upload a 1-page resume. 请上传一份一面的个人简历。
*15. By submitting this application, I agree to 提交这份申请,我同意:
Participate either (A) in person or (B) virtually for the full duration of the conference from July 29th to August 9th, 2022.
Pay a $2000 participation fee within 3 weeks of my acceptance notice if accepted as an in-person Delegate, or $500 if accepted as a virtual Delegate. I understand that flexible payment plans and scholarship applications are available upon request. If accepted, I promise to pay a participation fee of $2000 within three weeks. I have been told that if necessary, I can apply for a more flexible payment plan and scholarship.