Questionnaire on newly launched official English website

The official English website for the Lixia District People's Government was launched a few days ago and is undergoing a trial run at present. 
In order to provide the best service for you, we hope you can spare a few minutes to tell us your feelings and provide suggestions. We attach great importance to the invaluable advice we will receive from each of you. 
Looking forward to your participation!
*1. Where are you from?
*2. Why do you want to know more about Lixia district?
*3. Which do you use more to surf the internet mobile phones or computers?
*4. Which kind of content do you concentrate on?
*5. Does the website help you learn more about Lixia?
*6. How do you rate the design of the website?
*7. Are you satisfied with the functions and columns of the website?
*8. How did you get to our website?
*9. Will you recommend the Lixia website to your friends?
*10. Do you have any comments or suggestions for our website?