Gen.T Ambassador Event: Reviving the human touch in leadership

与亚洲新锐先锋Gen.T上海大使Jill Tang一起讨论关于“Reviving the human touch in leadership”的聚会。您将听到正念大师和专业领导力教练的意见,正念小组讨论、研讨会和 Lego Serious Play。


Join Gen T Shanghai Ambassador Jill Tang for a topic of 'Reviving the human touch in leadership'. You will hear from mindfulness master and professional leadership coach over a fun engagement of panel discussion, mindfulness workshop and Lego Serious Play. 

We will go through the key points below:
1.Is emotional intelligence a trait of a great leader?
2.How can leaders lead with clarity, empathy and kindness. And why do these qualities matter at all? 3.How important is it for a leader to be charismatic?
4.What can leaders do to put people before profits? 

As this is a private group, we'd like to get to know you better with a few questions below. This data will not be shared with any third parties.

如果有任何问题,加Jill的微信 Add Jill's WeChat: jilltang001
 if you have questions, please add Jill's WeChat: jilltang001

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