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In order to facilitate developers to quickly experience the Tuya IoT solution, build product prototypes, accelerate product development and mass production, Tuya has split the functional modules of common IoT products into a series of development boards compatible with Arduino UNO pin specifications. Because users can easily combine these development boards into a complete IoT product prototype in a layer-by-layer manner similar to "sandwich", we named it "Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit".

Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit supports three communication protocols: Wi-Fi, BLE, and ZigBee. With this evaluation kit, developers are able to develop electrical, lighting, sensing, home appliances, universal remote control and other IoT products. Simply implement firmware configuration or MCU application code development . developers can quickly build a variety of IoT product prototypes such as 5 color lights, power statistics sockets, temperature and humidity sensor , door sensor and infrared universal remote control. Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit is also compatible with Arduino UNO pin specifications and can be directly connected with a large number of open source that developers are able to build IoT product prototypes . Regarding its richness or simplicity .Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit is an excellent choice for IoT developers.

We will put on sale the "Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit" in June 2020. Now we are conducting internal testing activities for developers worldwide. We will select 88 voluntees worldwide and send you Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit  (full set of development boards). For your to test.

Developers are welcome to register!

Activity process: Developers fill in the Registration Form-> Tuya Smart screening 88 volunteers-> Tuya Smart sends the Evaluation Kit for free -> Developer feedback usage comments-> Tuya Smart selects 3 developers to send gifts based on the value of feedback 

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