Parents Sharing about Your Child


You are the expert on your child. Although you certainly don't understand everything about him/her, no one understands your child as well as you do. In order to successfully partner with you on your child's education, The Fountains teachers need to know as much as possible about how your child thinks, feels, and behaves. Of course, we may discover new things about your child that we will be happy to share with you. But we need your help to form a meaningful and trusting relationship with your child, especially at first. We also realize some of these things will change as the child grows. That's no problem. You can update this information whenever you feel it's necessary. Everything you share here will stay within our teaching staff. Thank you for trusting us to partner with you!

1. 孩子姓名(中英文) Child's name (Chinese and English)
2. 在家里用的孩子昵称(没有的话,请写“无”) Nickname at home (if none, write "none")
3. 年龄 Age
4. 学生号(在师生信"我的主页"点击右下角"我的"可以查询到)
Student ID (can be found in your Shisheng Xin account)

Home and Friends

5. 带孩子或陪伴孩子最长时间的家长是谁?请按时间长度来选择,先长后短(请选前4个)1 = 最长时间,4 = 最短时间
Who is primarily responsible for watching your child at home? Please rank in order of time. (Select top 4). 1 = most time, 4 = least time.
6. 孩子与兄弟姐妹的关系如何?(如果没有,请填“无”)How is your child's relationship with his/her siblings? (If none, please write "none.")
7. 报读源泉学苑前,你孩子有朋友在这里读书吗?如有,他们是谁?
Did your child have friends studying at The Fountains before signing up?

Interests and Thinking

8. 您孩子最喜欢的颜色是什么?(最多两个)
What's your child's favorite color? (2 at most)
9. 孩子最感兴趣的事情是什么?列出越多越好。
What things are your child most interested in? List as many as possible. 
10. 孩子最怕的事情是什么?列出越多越好。
What things are your child most afraid of? List as many as possible.
11. 在您看来,特别能调动您孩子的事有什么?
Have you found anything that's especially motivating to your child? 
12. 在您看来,您孩子特别抗拒的事情是什么?
Have you found anything your child is especially opposed to?
13. 在您看来,您孩子对什么话题,词语,说法,或言语特别敏感?请解释。
Have you found your child is especially sensitive to any particular topic, words, or expressions? Please explain. 
14. 您孩子喜欢拥抱或其他的身体接触吗?谁给的?在什么情况下?
Does the child like hugs or physical touch? From whom? In what situation?
15. 当孩子哭闹时,您会说些什么或做些什么让他马上平静下来?
What do you say or do to calm you child down when he is crying?
16. 您孩子特别喜欢的玩具是什么?
What is your child's favorite toy?
17. 您孩子特别喜欢的卡通或其他的人物是谁?
Who are your child's favorite cartoon or other characters?
18. 您孩子表示要上厕所的话语或动作是什么?
What does the child say or act to show he needs to use the bathroom? 
19. 您孩子有没有咬食物以外的东西的习惯?(比如:玩具)
Does your child bite things besides food? (for example, toys)
20. 您孩子与其他小朋友相处时有出现过以下的情形吗?(可多选)
Have you seen your child react in any of the following ways when playing with other children? (all that apply)

Language Level Survey



Because language development is one of our main educational goals at The Fountains, we would like to know parents' assessment of their own child's language level. We're not looking for a super scientific evaluation. You can just use the descriptions of the "levels" below to give your child a rating. 

Finally, please relax! We want to emphasize that an accurate evaluation is the most important thing. If you're not sure, please use a lower number. Regardless of where he/she is now, we hope to see slow and steady progress!

21. 孩子在家里最常使用的语言是:
Language your child uses most at home:
22. 孩子在家里会接触到其他的语言有: 
Other languages your child encounters at home:

孩子的普通话口语水平 Child's Oral Mandarin Ability


孩子的英语口语水平 Child's Oral English Ability

25. 填写此调查问卷的人:
Who filled out this survey:
26. 您还有其他想与我们分享或补充的吗(如果暂时没有,请填“无”)Do you have anything else to add or share with us? (If not at this time, please write "no")

Thanks for taking the time to share with us!