Motosurf Survey

Could you please take a few minutes to help me complete this questionnaire?

1.What's your gender?*
2.What's your age?*
3.Are you a professional surfer?If not, what is your occupation?*
4.Have you participated in any motosurf related competitions or activities recently?*
5.Why do you join motosurf?*
6.What kind of motosurf board do you use?*
7.Could you please choose the advantages of your board?*
8.Any disadvantages?*
9.Where do you get the board information and buy it?*
10.what you cares most about the motosurf board*
11.What remote control feedback do you want to get when the surfboard is running?*
12.Do you use an electric surfboard?What is the brand name of the surfing version you use or your favorite?*
13.What do you think are the advantages of Electric ones?*
14.Are you interested in further cooperation and communication?*
15.Contact information
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