CIRS Customer Satisfaction Survey

We would like to thank you for your continuous support & co-operation. Please indicate your degree of satisfaction in the following areas. We appreciate your feedback.

首先感谢您对瑞旭技术的信赖与支持!为了不断提高我们的服务质量和管理水平,更好地为您服务,我们需要了解您对我们工作的评价意见,请您抽出宝贵的时间根据亲身感受,实事求是地反映出您的看法。 再次感谢您的回应和支持!

1.1. Overall, how would you grade the quality of service you received from CIRS? 
2.2. Regarding our quality of service, please rate the following areas (where 1=poor& 5= excellent)
Reliability &Consistency 值得信赖&言行一致
Confidence &Confidentiality 自信&保守商业机密
3.3. Communication are critical to the success of your projects and our business. Please rate the following based on your knowledge of our general performance. (where 1 = poor& 5 = excellent)
Returned e-mails promptly 及时回复信息
Timeliness of deliverables 及时交付项目
update project progress 及时更进项目
available to the staff 随时联系到工作人员
4.4. Please rate each of the following aspects related to our competencies (where 1 = poor & 5 =
knowledge of my industry 专业储备
Met project goals as scheduled 按计划完成项目
use of online issue tracking 在线获取信息
Availability of value added schemes 获得增值方案
5.5. What was the main reason you selected CIRS? 
6.6. How likely is it that you would recommend CIRS to a friend or colleague? (where 1 =Not at all likely& 5 =Extremely likely)
你会向他人推荐我们的服务吗?(1=肯定不会& 5=肯定会)*
7.7. Is there an un-addressed need that we should focus on? If yes, please specify.
8.8. Please provide your personal information(name, company and contact details)