2018 HMC 满意度调查

2018 HMC Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire


Thank you for having attended the 2018 China Hotel Marketing Conference. Your opinions are very important to us, please take a moment to fill in the following questionnaire. This helps us ensure that we provide events of the highest standard and relevance to you. 


完成以下问卷预计用时3分钟,我们将选出10份优质问卷送出2018 环球旅讯峰会 和 2018 中国数字旅游展 门票。

The questionnaire will take just 3 minutes to complete, and we will select 10 respondents of this survey and offer them complimentary admission to our upcoming 2018 TravelDaily Conference and China Digital Travel Show in September. 




*1. 1.以下问题,请从个人收获或价值角度,给出您的评分(5分为最高分) | In the following questions, please mark the boxes on a scale from 1 to 5 (where 5 is the highest):

a. 您对会议日程内容的评价 

a.How do you think of our session topics?

b. 您对会议交流平台的评价

b. How do you think of our Event Networking



c. 您对本次会议组织与安排的评价

c. How do you think of our general arrangements of this event?


d. How do you think of the overall performance of this event? 

*2. 2.两天的会议,哪些话题/嘉宾的分享对您来说收获比较大?Which session, or which speaker of this conference did you find most enlightening? 


*3. 3.还有哪些话题是您在工作中遇到的痛点,希望在下一届的会议中听到? | What other topics were there that you have encountered in your work and that you would like to be discussed at our conference next time?

*4. 4.您通过此次会议最大的收获是什么?期待您将参会的感受或体会告诉我们。| What were the key take aways for you from this event?

*5. 5.您认为我们还应该在哪些方面改进和完善? | How would you suggest we could improve the event for next year? 

*6. 6.今年我们还将在7月举办 "2018 中国航空营销峰会"以及在9月举办 "2018 环球旅讯峰会&中国数字旅游展",您是否希望了解更多详细信息?

We will host  the "2018 Airline Merchandising Conference" in July and the " 2018 TravelDaily Conference & China Digital Travel Show" in September . Would you like to know more about that?

*7. 7.您的公司名称 | Your Company

*8. 8.您的职位名称 | Your Title

*9. 9.您的姓名 | Your Name

*10. 10.您的手机号码 | Your Phone Number