Cold Spring Harbor Asia Survey on Free Shuttle Schedule

It’s been four years since Cold Spring Harbor Asia started to offer free shuttle bus between Shanghai Airport (PVG and SHA) and our conference venue. In order to better serve you and meanwhile also save the cost, we need you to notify us of your arrival time at the airport once you finalize your travel plan.
Please note that while we are trying our best to provide the best service we could, it is however not practical that the bus schedule would fit precisely to everyone’s arrival time.
Please fill in your name and landing time as HH:MM (24 hours) format. (e.g 20:30)
Therefore please do check the website for the latest schedule before your departure for the closest shuttle bus service.

Have a safe and pleasant flight!
Please choose your Airport and Meeting first and then fill in your landing time as HH:MM (24 hours) format. (e.g 20:30).

*1. Please choose your landing Airport
*2. Liver Development, Metabolism, Disease & Cancer
Free shuttle is only available on Dec. 6, 2021.
Please fill in your name and landing time as HH:MM 24 hours format. (e.g 20:30)