Registration Form for Beta Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit

Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit has four major panels: the central panel, the wireless communication panel, the function panel, and the power panel. With this development technique, you can compose a complete IoT product prototype by stacking up panels of different functions, just like making a sandwich. Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit is compatible with Arduino's open source standard, which allows you to use Arduino's accessories to create various product prototypes.


We will put on sale nine of these Evaluation Kits (see options) in June 2020. We are now conducting internal testing activities for developers worldwide. We will select 88 volunteers worldwide and send you Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kits for free (Does not include postage). For your testing.

Activity process: Developers fill in the Registration Form-> Tuya Smart screening 88 volunteers-> Tuya Smart sends the Evaluation Kits for free -> Developer feedback usage comments-> Tuya Smart selects 3 developers to send gifts based on the value of feedback

Developers are welcome to register!

Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit official website:

April 1st: Affected by the epidemic, the delivery time of the  Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit is yet to be determined