IGPE national food expo professional audience pre-registration


IEOE international oil trade professional audience audience pre-registration

一.联系方式Professional audience information

*1.    姓名Name

*2.    手机号码phone

*3.    邮箱Mail

*4. 三.您的身份Industry
*5. 二.所属行业Industry
团购单位group purchase unit
国际贸易商International trade business
采购人员procurement staff
大型商超large business supermarket
行业团体industry group
批发市场the wholesale market
新闻媒体News media
*6. 四.参会目的The purpose
选择代理产品Selection of new product
寻找合作伙伴Looking for a partner.
行业观摩学习industry learning
寻求出口途径finding the exit way
寻找生产设备For production equipment
搜集市场/产品资料collect market/product information
为本行业进行服务For production equipment
购买产品Buy product
考察展会participate in the next study exhibition
*7. 六.您感兴趣的产品或服务the product or service you interested
面粉、大米、玉米等大宗粮食产品Flour, rice, corn and so on
有机、富硒、绿色等高端粮食产品Organic, rich selenium, green and other high-end food products
进口产品Imported products
粮油装备Grain and oil equipment.
粮食生产周边Food production aroundion
粮油装备生产周边 Grain and oil equipment surrounding the production
国际贸易The international trade.


We appreciate your cooperation, I hope you succeed in the expo