FiiO Music Application Survey Questionnaire

Thank you so much for supporting FiiO and taking the time to answer these questions. The following questions (17 in total) are about to know your actual feelings when using the FiiO Music application to help us better optimize the user experience.

1. Your gender?
2. Your age?
3.Your occupation?
4.Which version of FiiO Music are you using?
5.How often do you use FiiO Music?
6.How long will you use FiiO Music every time?
7.When do you often listen to music?
8.Are you interested in self-customizing the theme of this app?
9.Are you used to watching the lyrics when listening to music?
10.What kind of user interface style do you prefer for a music app?
11. How do you feel about the visual experience of FiiO Music?
12.How do you feel about the font size of it?
13.How do you feel about the color combination in the display page of it?
14.What music apps do you often use other than FiiO Music?
(Please specify here)
15. What do you think are the shortcomings of FiiO Music at present?
(Please specify here)
16. What other features do you want in the FiiO Music?
(Please specify here)
17.If it's convenient for you, please leave your contact information here, and we may contact you if we need to know more about your feedback/requests. (Facebook/Email/Others)