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Your AsBAA membership | 亚洲商务航空协会(AsBAA)会员问卷调查
2 minute survey to help us help you | 花费2分钟,帮助协会了解会员需求
Q1:Name | 姓名
Q2:Email | 邮箱
Q3:Name of company | 公司名称
Q4:Are you an AsBAA Member? | 您是否亚洲商务航空协会(AsBAA)会员?
Yes | 是
No | 否
Q5:Membership level | 会员等级
AVIATION INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS, PILOTS ENGINEERS | Aviation professionals, pilots and engineers
Q6:How often do you or your company representatives attend AsBAA’s monthly chapter meetings? | 您或您公司的代表参加多少次AsBAA协会地区分会的月度/季度会议?
a. More than 80% of the time | 参加超过80% 的活动
b. 50% of the time | 参加50%的活动
c. Less than 30% of the time | 参加少于30%的活动
d. Never | 从不参加
Q7:What information do you find most useful at the chapter meetings? [multiple choices] 在地区会议上,您觉得哪些议题/信息最有用? (多选)
a. Operations government relations updates | 飞机运营和政府规定的更新
b. Event updates | 活动更新
c. AsBAA organizational updates| AsBAA 组织信息更新
d. AsBAA Discovery (student chapter) | AsBAA 学生新生代活动
e. Other | 其他
Q8:What services are useful to you? [multiple choices] | 您认为什么服务最有帮助?(多选)
a. AsBAA Regional Chapter Meetings | AsBAA 地区委员会会议
b. Networking Events Access | 商务联谊机会
c. Education sessions e.g. ABACE, industry forums | 行业教育研讨 如:ABACE,专业论坛
d. CSR opportunities e.g. AsBAA Discovery | 参与企业社会责任机会,例如:AsBAA Discovery 航空新生代 学生/校园活动
e. AsBAA Safety Day Series | AsBAA 安全日讲座
f. AsBAA Pilots Chapter AsBAA | 飞行员俱乐部
g. Business introductions and advice | 业务介绍及建议
h. Free marketing opportunities and media exposure | 免费市场机会及媒体活动曝光
i. CEO Roundtables | CEO 圆桌午餐会
j. Other | 其他
Q9:Would you be willing to contribute resources to help the association? If yes, please specify. | 您愿意为协会贡献资源吗?如有,请注明.
a. Event sponsorship | 活动赞助
b. Provide speakers and expertise | 提供演讲人和专业嘉宾
c. Provide a venue for chapter meetings | 为地区交流会提供地会议场地
d. Support AsBAA Discovery e.g. speakers, venues, facilities to host students | 支持航空新生代学生活动,例如:演讲嘉宾,场地,设施/航空科普教具
e. Please contact me to discuss | 联系我沟通
f. No, I cannot contribute | 不能提供
g. Other | 其他
Q10:What training topics may you or your company be of interest? [multiple choices] | 您或您的公司对以下哪些培训课程感兴趣?(多选)
a. 1. IS-BAO (The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operation)| 商务航空(公务机)运营安全运行管理国际标准
b. 2. IS-BAH (The International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling) | 商务航空(公务机)地面保障安全运行管理国际标准
c. Soft Skills (i.e. Presentations, Database Management, Leadership, etc.) | 软技能 (如: 演讲演示,数据库管理,领导力等…)
d. Communication and Business Etiquette for Business Aviation | 沟通与商务礼仪
e. Regional differences in business aviation culture | 各地区/国家商务航空文化差异
f. Other (Please write down your any suggestion) | 其他 (请写下您的建议)
Q11:What could AsBAA do differently to help you get value from your membership? | 协会可以通过哪些不同之处,帮助您从会员身份中获得价值?
Q12:Any other comments or feedback? | 还有其他意见或反馈吗?
No | 否
Yes | 是
Q13:AsBAA offers non-members a 1-time guest invite to regional chapter meetings. Have you ever attended a regional chapter meeting? | AsBAA为非会员提供一次各地区分会交流会议的嘉宾邀请。你曾经参加过地区分会交流吗?
Yes | 是
No | 否
Q14:What topics or information was most useful? (Multiple choice) | 什么议题或信息最有用 ?(多选)
a. Operations government relations updates | 飞机运营和政府规定的更新
b. Event updates | 活动更新
c. AsBAA organizational updates| AsBAA 组织信息更新
d. AsBAA Discovery (student chapter) | AsBAA 学生新生代活动
e. Other | 其他
Q15:Are you interested in networking with members of the BA/GA community in your region? | 您是否有兴趣与您所在地区的商务与通用航空社区成员建立联系?
Yes | 是
No | 否
Q16:Which of the following apply to you in reference to not yet being a member of AsBAA?| 由于以下哪些因素,您尚未加入AsBAA会员?
a. Budget issues | 预算问题
b. The opportunities are not currently relevant to our needs | 这些机会与我们目前需求不直接相关
c. We are not ready yet to take advantage of membership | 我们还没有准备好利用会员资格
d. We are not yet aware of the benefits of AsBAA | 我们还没有意识到加入AsBAA协会的益处
e. No reason | 没有原因
f. Other | 其他
Q17:Please share any comments or feedback you have that could assist AsBAA in better representing you | 请分享您的任何意见或反馈,可以帮助AsBAA协会更好地代表您和业界发声
Q18:AsBAA has many services that are complimentary to members. Would you be interested in hearing more? | AsBAA协会对会员提供一些免费的服务。你有兴趣了解吗?
Yes | 是
No | 否