Submission Form for RISC-V Summit China 2024 (RVSC2024)

Welcome! The Deadline is June 22 AoE.
*1. I'm both the talk submitter and the main speaker
*2. Name of Submitter
*3. Affiliation of Submitter
*4. Email Address of Submitter
5. Phone Number of Submitter (If any)
*6. Speaker's Name
*7. Speaker's Affiliation
*8. Title (Student: Fill in your grade and college)
*9. Speaker's Email Address
10. Speaker's Phone Number (if you have +86 phone number)
*11. Does the talk has co-speaker (second speaker)
*12. Name of co-speaker
*13. Affiliation of co-speaker
*14. Title  of co-speaker
*15. Email Address of co-speaker
16. Phone number  of co-speaker (if any)