CET4 Mock Test-3 (Monday Afternoon-1)

  A.The security check takes time.
  B.He has to check a lot of luggage
  C.His flight is leaving in less than 2 hours
  D.The airport is a long way from the hotel
  A.Signing up for membership of S Hotel
  B.Staying in the same hotel next time he comes
  C.Loading her luggage onto the airport shuttle
  D.Posting a comment on the hotel’s webpage
A.One would get a spot on their tongues if they told a lie deliberately
B.One would have to shave their head to remove a bat in their hair.
  C.One would go to prison if they put a stamp on uoside down
  D.One would have curly hair if they ate too much stale bread
A Meeting people.
B Going to the cinema
C Traveling with family
D Eating out
长江是亚洲最长、世界上第三长的河流。长江流经多种不同的生态系统,是诸多濒危物种的栖息地,灌溉了中国五分之一的土地。长江流域(river basin)居住着中国三分之一的人口。长江在中国历史、文化和经济上起着很大的作用。长江三角洲(delta)产出多大20%的中国国民生产总值。几千年来,长江一直被用于供水、运输和工业生产。长江上还坐落着世界最大的水电站。