Questionnaire for Foreign Students in Shanghai

Thank your in advance for your participation. 欢迎参加本次答题
Female 女
Male 男
How long have you been in Shanghai? 你到上海学习已经多久了?
Less than one year. 不到一年
One to two years. 一到两年
Two to three years. 两到三年
Three to four years. 三到四年
More than four years. 四年以上
Have you ever encountered the following problems? 你曾遇到过以下问题吗?
Always 总是 often 经常 sometimes 偶尔 never 从不
I don't know where to buy suitable clothes. 我不知道在哪里可以买到合适的衣服。
I don't know where to eat the authentic Chinese food. 我不知道在哪里能吃到正宗的中国菜。
I don't know how to buy meals by student card. 我不知道如何使用校园卡在食堂买饭。
I don't know how to order take-out. 我不知道如何点外卖。
I don't know how to buy a transportation card. 我不知道如何买交通卡。
I don't know what view spot is worth visiting in Shanghai. 我不知道在上海有什么值得游览的景点。
I don't know the way to my destination. 我不知道如何去目的地。
I don't know where to buy living goods. 我不知道在哪里购买生活用品。
I don't know how to refill my student card and electricity consumption. 我不知道如何充值校园卡和电费。
I don't know how to use the campus network and wifi. 我不知道怎么用校园网和无线。
I don't know the dormitory regulations. 我不知道寝室的规章制度。
What other problems have you encountered? 你还遇到过其他什么问题吗?
Can you think of any solution to these problems? 对于上面提到的问题,你能想到的解决方案是什么呢?